Friday, July 16, 2010

One Run, One Family, One La Salle 2 (OROFOLS 2) Race Packet Distribution Info

Dear Friends in Running,

By now, many of you are already voicing your disappointments over the delay in the delivery of the race packets and singlets for the La Salle (OROFOLS2) run on Sunday. Humbly, we apologize for this and pray for your continued patience.

We have tried to organize this event to the best of our abilities, but as in the best laid plans, Murphy seems to always be lurking around the corner.
Admittedly, we had some delays in the securing of sponsorships for the event. We are very fortunate that Reebok has gladly stepped in to help with the supply of the singlets.

Unfortunately, the schedule for the production of the singlets was very tight and couple this with the arrival of typhoon Basyang and the power outages, the supplier of the singlets could not deliver the items at the right time.

We are now in the process of organizing redemption booths on Sunday to help with the singlet distribution. We might be able to start distribution of race packets with singlets Saturday evening at both the DLSAA office at DLSU, Manila and ROX, however, some of the race packs might be released without the singlets. As such, we ask you to run with the race bibs and retrieve your singlets after the race. While we would have liked to see a sea of Green and White on race day, this might not be possible given the supply situation.

We again humbly ask for your indulgence and patience. We will endeavor to give you a fantastic race-day experience. Hopefully, this singlet hiccup does not affect your overall run experience.

Have a great race on Sunday and I’m sure the wait for the Reebok OROFOLS2 Singlet will not be in vain.

Thank you and Animo to all of you!!

Live Jesus in Our Hearts!!!

OROFOLS2 Chairman


Anonymous said...

I'm confused.. I believe race kit distribution has started as early as Wednesday at ROX.. and we were able to get ours already last night.. Is there a different singlet provided by Reebok? I couldn't see any Reebok logo anywhere (and the material seems not a Reebok material either).

Johnny Sy said...

We started printing an initial run of singlets without the Reebok logo -- these were the first one distributed via the ROX center. We're getting our Reebok singlets starting yesterday. We do have an exchange program for those who got the first singlet -- if you want the Reebok model, we can exchange it for you on Sunday. There will be an exchange booth in the area. If you do want to keep the original singlet, you're free to do so also. Both are really good designs and what you have is actually more the collector's edition since we only made 3,000 pieces of them. Thank you for your query and my apologies for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

is it true na may transpo from csb to fort?

Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny,

How can we verify the official results? I left the event area early.

Thanks very much.

J. Sia (3k run)

Johnny Sy said...

Hi to the one asking about transpo from CSB -- my apologies for not responding earlier, but I was already at race site monitoring preparations. Also, I didn't know if CSB arranged for transport. Hope you got to run today.

Johnny Sy said...

Hi J. Sia -- we should be publishing the official results in a few days. Just give us a little while longer as we clean up all the data needed for uploading to the OROFOLS site. Thanks for running today.

Michael Angelo said...

cool, do we get them thru emails or sms? where to check them instead?

Anonymous said...

When can I see the results?

Tubal Reversals said...

I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!