Wednesday, June 24, 2009

GU Energy Gels -- SOLD OUT

Thank you everyone who ordered. Unfortunately, stocks have all been allocated. If I do get future supplies, I shall post again. Many thanks for your patience and support.

Globe Run for Home

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Selling GU Energy Gels

I just want to advertise that I recently got a shipment of GU Energy Gels that I'm selling into the marketplace. Since there will be a bunch of long distance races and triathlons coming up, I decided just to bring in a few boxes for those interested. I remember hearing that energy gels were quickly depleted during the last ultramarathon event.

Anyway, for those interested, give me a push at I have 24-pack boxes. Each box is being sold at P1,280. That's about P53.33 per piece. Because of the packaging, I'm only selling by the box and not per piece.

I have the following flavors: Espresso Love, Chocolate Outrage, Tri-Berry, Lemon Sublime, Orange Burst and Vanilla Bean.

If you're in the QC, San Juan, Mandaluyong and Makati areas, I can meet you to deliver. Sending the boxes outside of Manila can be arranged but I have to work out courier costs.

I have a limited supply so hurry up and give me a push. Offer while supplies last.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mizuno Infinity Run Time Trials 2009

Some of my friends have been bugging me about being delinquent with my blog. Really sorry!!! I'm just in the midst of a very busy period at work -- I'm having a hard time catching some open slots to work on my blog. And, it will continue for a few more weeks. But, I'll do my best to catch up.

I actually just came back from a 2 week trip abroad. I was in A(H1N1) territory and it was a huge concern, to say the least, traveling through the affected areas. I had a heavy schedule traveling through 3 cities in California and passing through Hong Kong and China before returning home. I made sure I was stocking myself up with multivitamins to boost up my immune system. It's worth a separate entry in my blog but let me focus on the Mizuno run first. Anyway, this was the situation leading up to my first race in June, 2009.

The Sunday after I arrived, I pushed myself to go to UP to work out a run. I only had 1 training run while I was on the road. I was able to complete at least a 10k run along a familiar route but my time was almost 1 hour 20 minutes. I wasn't too concerned because of the under-training. I had two more runs within the week before the Mizuno event. Unfortunately, come Thursday, my body seemed to have reacted negatively to all the physical stress -- I came down with fever.

I panicked!! (Well, not really -- but I was suddenly concerned about potential A(H1N1) exposure!!) So, I told my wife to free up the attic and told everyone to avoid me. Fortunately, as I went home that evening, my fever disappeared!! Must have been my body just reacting to the sudden increase in exercises (I had a total of 26Kms logged in 4 days!). But, I still felt sore and weak. So, I rested Friday and Saturday so that I could be in a better position come Sunday.

Sunday came and I went straight to the starting corral. All my running buddies were all joining the 15K race -- leaving me the lone participant for the 10K run. And true to Rudy Biscocho form, the races started 5 minutes early!!

Unfortunately also, while I brought a camera with me, it wasn't charged!!! So, there are no pictures for me to post this time (note to myself -- CHECK THE CAMERA the night before!!)

The first part of the race was good. We started behind the NBC Tent, ran towards Serendra before turning at the corner towards 26th Street and all the way to the end at Rizal Drive. The route will take us up towards Buendia Avenue via the Buendia-Kalayaan flyover.

As I approached Paseo de Roxas, I could feel that my body was still not in the best condition. My legs were starting to burn. I guess lactic acid was building up faster than normal. I continued to press until the turn at N. Garcia. But, somehow I knew this was going to be a difficult return path.

Sure enough, physically and mentally, I just wasn't prepared to control my run. As such, it became a series of stops, walks and runs all the way back. I was afraid that I was gonna do even worse than my UP run last Sunday!! There were plenty of times I was tempted to just stop and give up!!! Somehow, though, I was able to motivate myself to finish the race, no matter what -- I just wanted the Mizuno finisher's shirt so much!!! he! he!

I guess when you're not fully up to par physically, your mind can play havoc on your efforts. It really was a struggle to stay focused on completing the journey. I was so happy to reach the Serendra area -- I could now see the Finish Line! Until I saw other runners continuing beyond the Finish Line corner, causing a brief panic attack. Fortunately, these were the 15K runners!! The marshalls directed me left into 28th Street and onto the Finish Line!!

At least I didn't do worse than my run at UP!!! I was able to finish around 1 hour 16 minutes. It was also my first time to try my new toy -- the Garmin 405!!! The GPS told me, however, that I finished less than 10K -- around 9.8K or so. I just checked the official results and I was clocked at 1:16:22.

I'm not thrilled but I know there were mitigating circumstances surrounding my performance. I just have to suck it up and train and try again. This was actually my "birthday race" -- I celebrated my 51st birthday on June 3 while Ting also had her birthday on June 11. So, we both treated our running buddies to breakfast at the Metro Club. At least the breakfast and company helped eased a relatively poor run for me. There is always next time!!!