Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post Cam-Sur Get Together

My friend Dave has repeatedly warned me that my blog is becoming irrelevant -- because I haven't updated it in over a month!!! Part of it is because I haven't joined any races recently -- and my training is sporadic. With work on the rise and the weather uncooperative, there hasn't been much activity to report on.

But, while my blog has been quiet, my Facebook account is active -- since it doesn't focus on just running. Unfortunately, Dave and Jorge don't have Facebook -- that's why all the pressure is there to put the pictures I've posted in FB right here in my blog.

So, dear friend Dave, here's my first posting after a month and we'll celebrate the successful completion of the 70.3 Ironman even at Cam-Sur last month by several of our running buddies -- now certified triathletes and Ironmen!!!

Actually -- I don't have pictures of the Cam-Sur event. I'll try and get copies from Ed Francisco. His lovely spouse Moy took a lot of pictures of the event. I'll update the blog when I get the pictures.

In the meantime, we'll fastforward and talk about the get together we had on Monday, August 31. Hosted by power couple Bobby (the Emperor) and Gina Go at their residence, we arrived to share food, drinks, stories and pictures from an exciting and successful Ironman! The photos and the side stories were abundant -- made me, Dave and Rico feel so out of it!! We weren't there!!! And, we were all envious!!!

From spills that gave Laarni a shiner to the tragic accident befalling Miguel Vazquez -- it wasn't all silver lining -- but with the team ably completing the gruelling event with even podium finishes -- it was a cause for celebration nevertheless!! Of course, there were pictures with the pros and winners, too!!! The ladies were all swooning!!

Ting finished second in her age group but was outshone during the awarding by the 3rd placer, when she took the mike and gave a speech!!!

But, I got to meet up with Hector Yuzon of Second Wind with his lovely partner Tania and bike expert Edmund Mangaser.

Envious as I was, I still wasn't motivated enough to try the 2 other disciplines. I'll focus first on my running -- and maybe join them next year as photographer and part of the support team!!! he! he!