Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fat-Burning Cardio Tips

Was browsing through msn.com and they had this feature for getting fit by summer -- of course, summer is almost over here in the Philippines. Officially, summer is actually over -- rains and typhoons have started and it's only May!!! Usually, we wait till June for this to happen. Thank you Global Warming.

Anyway, it was still an intriguing article on fat-burning cardio -- since that is what I'm trying to do. So, here are the tips:

3 Fat-Burning Cardio Routines

High-intensity workouts burn more calories per minute than easy exercise; so to lose fat fast, you have to move fast. The good news is that even brief bursts are enough to get the job done. In a Canadian study, exercisers who did 30-minute workouts that included some short but hard efforts lost 3 times as much fat after 15 weeks as their peers who did similar 45-minute workouts without vigorous bouts.

Here are three 30-minute cardio workouts you can do while walking, running, cycling, swimming, using any cardio machine, or even just dancing in your living room. Each workout is based on an effort level of 1 to 10: 1 to 2: No effort; barely moving. 3 to 4: Easy effort; can sing. 5 to 6: Moderate effort; can talk in sentences. 7 to 8: Hard effort; can only talk a few words at a time. 9 to 10: Very hard effort; no talking, just breathing!

1. Pyramids Burns 145 to 240 calories*

Push for increasingly longer intervals with little recovery to go up the pyramid; then shorten the intervals on the way down. You'll keep your heart rate high to use more calories and improve overall fitness.

MinutesEffort level
0-4Warm up3-4
26-30Cool down3-4

2. Roller Coaster Burns 165 to 260 calories*

Like the carnival ride, this routine builds and builds until you hit your peak effort; then it goes back down for an easy recovery. These types of vigorous intervals give your endurance and metabolism a huge boost — even after your workout is over.

MinutesEffort level
0-4Warm up3-4
28-31Cool down3-4

3. Chutes and Ladders Burns 155 to 245 calories*

Work as if you're climbing a ladder, then slide down to an easy pace for equal amounts of time. Because you get plenty of recovery, really push it during the intervals to maximize your cardio fitness level and fat-burning ability.

MinutesEffort level
0-4Warm up3-4

*Calorie-burn ranges based on a 150-pound person doing activities such as walking (low end), cycling (mid), and jogging (high end).

Monday, May 26, 2008

Here's the logo of the run -- it does say 5K -- not a 3 Mile Run!!!

Unofficial Pringles Results

They finally posted the unofficial results of the Pringles 3Mile Run.

Here's the link:


Here is my result:

1037 sabrina tecson v 33:15.9 395
214 Lisa Carandang A 33:17.5 396
303 Johnny Sy C 33:17.5 397
1036 arlene tuazon v 33:18.7 398
882 Pinky Alban G 33:29.5 399

As you can see, my unofficial time was 33.17.5 and I came in position 397 out of 709 runners who finished for that race day. Definitely not competitive -- but, what the heck!!!-- it was my first race!!! Hey! Just noticed that I was sandwiched by 4 ladies!!! Wow! I really have to get back into better shape! He! He! What can I say, they are the stronger specie!!

My two other running mates had the following results:

304 Dante Briones 29:03.2 268

302 Ting Pascual J 30:32.0 309

Comparing myself to them, my results were not bad at all!!! I guess I have to continue pounding the pavement and working out my almost 50-year old body!!! Now, if only I can bring my weight down below 200lbs. next week (I'm still seesawing between 201 and 205)!! That would be fantastic and a great birthday gift for myself!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My First 5K

I did it -- I finally ran my first 5K (well, theoretically, it was supposed to be a 3 Miler -- a little less than 5K but my friends Dante and Ting said that the run seemed like a 5K since they started and ended in similar locations in previous 5K's -- so maybe it is a 5K!!!).

The date was May 18, 2008 --the place The Fort and the event was Run With Pringles 3 Miles 2008.

My goal was to finish, maybe with a respectable time. I did it in 33 minutes!!! I'm happy!!!

This is my first attempt to complete a 5K race in preparation for my run on July 13 in the La Salle Cares Fun Run. Since I'm an officer in the De La Salle Alumni Association -- I have to make sure that I make a good showing in this coming event -- would be a shame to look bad! he! he!

I'm gonna scan my jersey number and the finisher's baller-id as proof that I really got up at 4am, went to The Fort and really ran my heart out for this event. (that's what I did today -- 5/27/08) Unfortunately, I don't have pictures -- next time I'll try and get some.

So!!! This will be my official getting fit blog. I started working out at Fitness First in ABS-CBN in January this year. I went back to the gym after a hiatus of 1 1/2 years because I felt really old and sluggish last December -- it really scared me!!! Walking up a flight of stairs was painful! I was breathless while saying prayers because my stomach would be pushed in while I was seated!! Approaching 50 years old was getting to be nightmarish -- I vowed that I would be in a much fitter condition come June 3 -- when I celebrate my 50 years!!! That's why I paid all that money for gym membership and to get a personal trainer. After 4 months of working out -- the pain was worth it -- I'm not done yet but I'm seeing good progress for the effort.

Johnny's Run is not just about running but about me getting fit. Hopefully, it would be a good chronicle of my efforts --- I hope to see a finish line where I can run 10k, maybe even a marathon and my body will be the leanest and fittest since I was born!!!

I've done my first 5K -- 33 minutes is okay for me -- next goals -- to break 200lbs and to run a sub-30 minute 5K. I weighed in at 201 lbs today. Have been over 200 lbs for the last 2 years. I hope I'll be below 200lbs next week -- 2 weeks to go before my birthday!! Wish me luck!!