Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dante Briones -- SF Marathon Finisher

I would like to congratulate my good friend Dante Briones, President of Bayantrade, for his latest accomplishment -- participating and finishing in the San Francisco Marathon!!! The SF Marathon is one of my dream races because you get a chance to run across the fabled Golden Gate Bridge. Two other friends of mine, Dave de Leon and Jorge Buenaventura, accomplished the same feat last year!! This is definitely one of those races I'll try to join soon, maybe next year. As for now, my congratulations again to Dante!!


The Scientist Runner said...

Congrats Dante and thanks Johnny for honoring his accomplishment with this post!

I ran the SFM full too (my third) and am right now on my way back to RP with sore legs and all ... the experience was awesome to say the least... maybe Dante and I can compare notes one day...I will be posting part of my story in my blog The Scientist Runner as soon as I find time to write - the link is http://runningscientist.blogspot.com/

Arthur said...

Congratulations, Dante! So far, these are some of the Filipinos that ran the 2010 SFM.
Rafael Tomacruz
Art Laforteza
Scientist Runner
Arthur Laforteza(Senior Runner)
Dante Briones

Thanks Johnny.

Johnny Sy said...

Thank you very much The Scientist Runner and Arther (Senior Runner) for filling me in on who else ran in the SF Marathon. You are all to be congratulated for completing a tough but exciting race!!! Mabuhay kayong lahat!!