Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 SF Marathon -- Other Finishers

One of the great benefits of blogging is the meeting of new friends and running enthusiasts through this virtual world. After posting my congratulations to my friend Dante on his completion of the 2010 San Francisco Marathon, other finishers came out of the woodwork -- all whom I've not met before.

The following is the list of 2010 SF Marathon finishers from the Philippines that I'm now privileged to know:

The Scientist Runner (
Arthur Laforteza (
Rafael Tomacruz
Art Laforteza
Dante Briones

Congratulations to everyone for completing a challenging but beautiful race!!! I'm envious of your feat and I hope to do the same one of these days!! Mabuhay!!


Raffy Tomacruz said...

Thanks for including me for finishing the Sf marathon. Though I've just migrated to the US 2 months ago, I've always considered myself a true blue Filipino ... even placed a Philippine flag on my singlet. The SF marathon was only my 2nd full marathon and it was truly an amazing experience! Not only did we get to run on the Golden Gate bridge (2x - back and forth), but we got a great tour of SF ... by foot! Plus the fact that I did a PR in a "Race than Marathoners fear." Thanks again for mentioning all Filipinos who raced it! Rafael Tomacruz, Lubbock, TX

The Scientist Runner said...

There were many Filipinos and Filipino-Americans who joined the various categories (5K, 21K, and 52K) including the consul-general in San Francisco (check out the DFA website). The SFM also had a 'progressive marathon' where 37K of previous races plus 5K on race day itself (thus totalling 42K) qualified one for a marathon medal. I suggest to local race organizers that we implement a similar incentive to short distance runners. Thanks.

abrahamvllera said...

Go, go, go! As one runner has said: “We runners are all a little nutty, but we’re good people who just want to enjoy our healthy, primitive challenge. Others may not understand running, but we do, and we cherish it. That’s our only message.”

If you’re free, join us on our fun run. It’s fiesta time in Cagayan de Oro, and the locals are celebrating a fresh start after Sendong. Aug. 25, 2013. Mark your calendar.

Jerome said...

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